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A tile pool deck can provide you with a beautiful look and good functionality. Tile pool decks are very popular and can give you several benefits. However, there are also a few potential drawbacks associated with tile around a pool.


Water Color Options

When choosing a liner it helps to decide whether you want your water color to appear a deep blue, a light blue or an aqua color. The floor is the most important factor in creating the color. Selecting the floor pattern is a good place to start your pattern selection.


Liner Thickness

The standard thickness for pool liners is 20 ml. It has been found to be the best balance of strength and flexibility for in-ground pools. We offer 27ml liner options for pools that need additional thickness in the wall and/ or floor of the pool. Thicker liners can be helpful in areas that experience long hard freezing in the winter or where the floor of the pool is rough and uneven.


Mix & Match Option

Replace the tile border of any pattern with one from another pattern, this option gives you an unlimited array of pattern choices.

Baton Rouge
Beale Street
Cape Cod
Cascade Creek
Dolphin Island
Emerald Bay
Key West
Monterey Bay
Ocean Wave
Port Royal
Sandy Bay
Shoal Creek
St. John's Bay
St. Lucia



We stand behind our liners with a 20 year warranty that offers 5 years of full replacement, for no additional charge. Our liners are made of the finest U.S. made virgin vinyl available and are resistant to sunlight, bacteria, fungus and pool chemicals.
Note: All liners are measured precisely to fit your pools exact dimensions by our experienced team. We want to ensure a glove-like fit on every liner install to maximize the life of your new liner. Call Elite Pool Service today for a free estimate and make your pool look great again! 


For additional info on Elite Pool Service, call us at (901) 239-3882. 



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